Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Project 52 ~ Week #14 Spring Break

Hey There... It's Wednesday & that means another new Project 52 page!  We're up to week 14 that this was Spring Break for us.  Since my son is a junior, this is a good time to do some college visits. He is in Marching Band, so there is zero time in the fall & since that is when he will need to start filling out applications, now is the time to get those visits done.

We drove from Northern Indiana all the way up to Duluth, MN to visit the UMD, then we drove across the UP of Michigan, across the Mackinac Bridge and then down to Western Michigan University & then finally Ball State University.  All have great music programs, but Western was his favorite (and ours).    

For this page, I used the Wander Kit in the Project Life App.  I pretty much had the page put together before we left and just added the photos and journaling... EASY PEASY!!

It wasn't the most relaxing "vacation" time every, but it was very productive and we were able to mix a little fun in with the busy visit days.   It feels good to have a total of 4 college visits completed and have some clear favorites.

Have a Lovely Day!

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