Monday, April 17, 2017

AE Week In The Life ~ Here We Go!

Well it's Monday once again ~ darn those weekends go fast!  It was a great extended Easter weekend of fun with family since my daughter and her boyfriend came home from college Thursday - Saturday afternoon.  My son and his girlfriend were here as well on Saturday afternoon & we all celebrated together by dying Easter eggs and having dinner together.  It was great family time!  We had a quiet day yesterday on the actual holiday with just my husband, son and myself since Megan & her boyfriend joined his family for the rest of the weekend.  

Yesterday also started my Week in the Life project.  Each year, Ali Edwards does this cool project where she documents all the little details of daily life during a one-week period of time.  I decided to jump in this year & yesterday I started taking lots of photos and jotting down notes about my day. Many participants will start today with documenting the week; however, my normal Project 52 starts on Sunday, so I felt like yesterday was a good day to begin.

One of the photos I like to take each spring are the blossoms on our Cleveland Pear tree in backyard. These pretty trees are everywhere in our town and on this Easter Sunday, they are in full bloom.  I love the shades of pink, white and green that appear and all the details in the buds as I zoom in with my camera.  I actually took this photo with my Samsung 6s phone using the selective focus mode.  It was a little cloudy when I took the photo, so I brightened it up just a little bit in Photoshop Elements. I love the photo so I decided to use it as my cover page for the project so I added the WITL logo and the dates of this week.  I printed it out in a 6x8 format and it's already trimmed and in my album!

Notice the little friend that joined me in my photo... the little bug on the leaf?  Haha... I decided not to photoshop him out... real life stuff.  LOL

To help me keep track of details this week (and also a reminder for me to take lots of photos), I printed out the 8 1/2 x 11 daily record sheets that Ali Edwards provides on her blog.  I know I won't use every detail of every day when I scrapbook these pages, but it will be nice to have the details available for the pieces I want to include.  I also made a checklist of pictures I hope to take this week, some of them each day ~ like screenshots of the weather forecast and my fitness tracker.

If you're doing this project too, have fun and I can't wait to see what you come up with.  I'm hoping to share some of my completed pages with you as early as next week, but we'll see.

Have a wonderful day!

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