Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome 2017... let's Explore together...

welcome twenty-seventeen

This year my One Little Word will be EXPLORE!  I will be taking the Ali Edwards One Little Word workshop and I can't wait to see where my word takes me.  Although I didn't take the actual workshop last year, I loved my word ~ MOMENTS ~ and attempted to incorporate it regularly... or at least be more aware of it.

This year, I intend to be even more intentional about my word... not only about exploring places (both familiar and new), but also exploring my faith and new experiences.  As my children are starting to go off on their own, I am noticing that they are becoming really cool adults.  
With Megan in college and Matt having one more year in high school,  I see this year as a transition for us.  More and more, they are off doing their own things & it's time for me to explore who I am all over again.  It will also be fun for my husband and I to explore who we are as a couple on our own again.    

What's your One Little Word for 2017?

I'd love to hear your word!

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