Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our AWESOME Spring Break Trip ~ Part 1

 Hi Friends!  During Spring Break this year we took an awesome cruise to the Western Caribbean; however, before the ship left port, we spent a few days enjoying New Orleans.  Today, I thought I'd share some pictures of that part of our trip.  Hope you enjoy a glimpse of our trip through my photos...

The moment when you first realize you are no longer in Indiana! 

Me and my sweetheart...vacation mode! 

Richard, Matt & Meg! 

G-Ma, Shawn & G-Pa are ready for a great day! 

Our first stop of the day...Cafe Du Monde for Beignets!

Meg & Richard

 Tom, Stephanie & Nicki


To cute!

Matt is ready for a Beignet!

G-Ma wore the wrong pants for powdered sugar Beignets!

Awesome street vendors!

 A fantastic carriage ride on a gorgeous spring day!

Shawn, Matt, G-Pa & G-Ma

Megan giving the Donkey some love.

Matt gives the donkey some love while Tim makes sure Matt isn't left out.

The beautiful iron work of NOLA

A tour of a very interesting & old cemetery

The Jazz scene!  She was AMAZING!

Meg can say she's been on Bourbon St.
(ps...we went during the day and only for a block ~ lol)

Gelato time!

So that concludes some of the highlights of Day #1...I'll be back with some cruise photos in the next few days/weeks.

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