Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Band Treats and Decorations

Well now that Marching Band season is over, I thought I would share a bit of what I've been up to since July.  My primary volunteer duties with the band is as a Home Team Band Mom.  We take care of the uniforms & make sure that the kids are in tip top shape for each competition.  In addition, we pack snacks for their bus trips, bandage their wounds, provide cool drinks on hot days, hot cocoa on cold days, give them lots of hugs, dry their tears and just make sure they have the things they need.  We are their "moms" when their mom isn't there.  It's very rewarding because I know they appreciate what we do and they really want us there {and that includes my own child}.

You may have noticed over the last few months that I haven't had tons of projects to share with you ~ but that doesn't mean I haven't been crazy busy creating!   In addition to being on the Home Team, I am also on the Spirit Team & that means decorating the music hall and the kids lockers.  Here are some of the decorations I was part of creating. It was fantastic to be able to use my creative skills to put smiles on the kids faces!

These pinwheels were placed along the music hall for each band & color guard student ~ each color represents one of the sections of the band.  The title of the show was Clash of the Patterns so we used double-sided pattern paper to create the pinwheels.

The music hallway

We intermixed music notes cut from our Cricuts along the entire wall on both sides. 

This is a huge banner at the end of the hall.  I painted the glasses and then my husband helped me put the garden spinners on the front of them ~ and they actually spin!  The bottom of the banner was pained by the head of the Spirit Committee along with one of the art teachers.  Along each side of the banner, I made the instrument names in a cool ransom font and then added each student's name.  This banner is over 9 feet tall and 12 feet wide. 

A little inspiration for each week of competition.  Districts, Regionals, Semi-State and State!

Each week I made a treat for each student in my daughter's flute section.  I would have loved to do this for the entire band, but with 213 members, it would have been way too expensive.

For Districts, they needed to get a Gold Rating to move on so I gave the kids a chocolate coin in gold foil with a hidden message under it.   Then for Regionals, I got SKOR candy bars so they would SKOR BIG at Regionals because they needed to score in the top 10 bands and get a Gold Rating.

This year the band added another competition to their schedule called Bands of America.  It wasn't part of the ISSMA Competition schedule, but it was a good test for them to get ready for the rest of the season.  This week they got Reese's Pieces because they are such an important "PIECE" of the band.

For the Semi-State Competition, there were 20 bands performing (10 north and 10 south), they needed to score in the top 10 to make the State Finals so I gave them Rolo Candy so they could ROLL OVER the competition!

After a very long band season with intense competition, I wanted them to keep their EYE on the PRIZE for the State Finals.

As you can tell, I had TONS OF FUN with all of my
big and little projects this season!

Here's a video of their Music warm-up from State ~ OH SO GOOD!

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