Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Favorite Things...

I have such sweet friends! Wednesday was my last day of work & that evening my friends took me out to dinner. At the end of the evening they presented me with this wonderful goodie basket filled with some of my very favorite things {Diet Pepsi, Take 5 candy bars, Garden Salsa Sun Chips, Twizzlers, a gift certificate to Papertrey Ink, and a gift certificate to iTunes} ~ WOW! They not only spoiled me, but got me the PERFECT basket of goodies. I thought it was so sweet that they knew me so well, they could pick out everything I like. It told me that, in the future, I need to do a better job of finding out just the right gift for people.

Thank you Michelle, Rachel & Vicki ~ I will miss working with you!


Anonymous said...

you know, i searched all over for the smaller bag of sunchips. and when i say all over, i mean ALL OVER. had to settle for the humongo bag. came to work at the trib yesterday and guess what was in the vending machine? snack bags of those salsa chips. figures. today i'm going to munch on some in your honor.

Stefanie Staniak said...

Obviously they know you because they love you too!!
Enjoy your trip!

Paula Wade said...

What a neat gift! Congrats on you "retirement" :)

Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!

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