Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Project 52 ~ Week #23

Last week was an exciting week for my kids & I'm so happy I was able to document it in my Project 52 album.  My daughter spent the last two weeks in Germany, Austria and Paris for one of her college classes.  She said it was the best 3 credit class EVER!  :)  My son started a new journey in aviation to become a pilot & he celebrated his 18th birthday!

As for me and my husband, we had a 3 day garage sale (which I will never do again) and we cleaned out the house to get ready for new flooring that started this past Monday ~ that was not nearly as exciting!  Next week's page will cover all of that madness!

For this week's page, I used the Wander Kit in the Project Life App.  I thought it was perfect for these photos of my daughter's trip and my son's flight.

Things have been super quiet here on my blog because as we work on this home renovation project, I have zero time to work on any pages other than my Project 52.  Don't worry, things will calm down soon ... I hope!

Thanks for stopping by today and hanging in there with me until I find a bit more time to work on more pages.

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