Friday, June 30, 2017

{Explore} One Little Word ~ June Prompt

So don't fall off your chair, but I'm back again with another post today!  I took some time yesterday to finish up my One Little Word prompt for the month of June.  The OLW workshop is another project that I don't want to get behind on because I know that if I do, I may not go back and finish.  I also feel like this is a project that needs to be done each month just for me.

For the first page, I pulled a graphic off Pinterest and printed it on my photo printer, then I printed the "JUN" button from the OLW digital package.  The "In-Progress" pages, are the June downloads for the workshop.  I typed up my responses in Photoshop and printed them on kraft cardstock.  Then I stamped the "Keep Moving Forward" from the OLW Icon Stamp set and the camera image from the Lens Story Stamp in Poppy Ink (Stampin' Up).

For my next few pages, after they were printed, I added stamped phrases from the OLW Icons & OLW Messy Circles sets, as well as the Brave & Lens Story Stamps.  The card with the big heart is from the Brave Story Kit.

On my final pages of the June prompt, I printed off my Actions & Reflections cards and added stamped phrases from the Icons stamp set.  I also printed two photos that I pulled off Pinterest.  The "You Can Do It" is from the OLW June downloads.

Woohooo!  Another OLW monthly prompt it finished and even though I had a few setbacks with my OLW goals this month, I gave myself a pep talk and I'm ready to move forward.

Have a Great Weekend!

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