Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Project 52 ~ Week #25

Welcome to another Wednesday!  Is your summer schedule all wacky too?  My motto this summer is... "Everyday is a new adventure".  Usually, I thrive on routine and To Do Lists, but this summer, I don't have a list or a plan for each day ~ and that is totally not me!  But soon enough (like in 2 weeks), my son's last year of marching band will start and my schedule will begin fall in place as my last year of lead band mom.  So for now, I'm just going to enjoy the break!

Today's Project 52 page features a few more pictures of my finished floors and the rooms getting back to normal.  However, I've already added a few things to the rooms, put up some photos and changed out the rugs (I seem to change things daily).  Matt had his last Jazz gig for the year this past weekend and it was fabulous to hear this group play, one more time. Then he finished his 4H Shooting Sports Trophy shoot that afternoon.

Have a Great Day!

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