Thursday, March 2, 2017

Project 52 ~ Week #08 & My PL App Process

Hi Friends ~ so many busy days that the weeks are just flying by & here I am with my Week #08 for Project 52.   This particular weeks was busy on the front and back end, so that's where my photos concentrate.  

For my journal and filler cards, I used the Explore Kit in the Project Life App and then added some photo overlays for the days & numbers of the week from App kits as well ~ Essential Overlays White & Project 52 Photo Overlays.

To make my weekly process go even faster for this project, I have gone into the App and worked ahead setting up weekly pages with the title, filler & journal cards.  I've also added the weekly titles and dates to a title or journal card.  Each week, I pick a different kit and stick to that one kit for all the cards.  Having these weeks already set up takes the decision making process go very fast once I go to work on that page with photos and journaling.  If the weekly cards that I set up don't work with my photos,  I simply move that page to another week and set up a new page that fits the theme.

Once I take pictures on my phone, they automatically update from to Google Photos.  This is great because once I'm connected to WiFi, I can see them on my tablet as well and then add them directly in my pages.  If I take photos on my big camera, I add them to Google Photos from my computer ~ easy peasy!  This process has been working fabulous for me so far.  

Here's a screen shot of my PL Album on my tablet where you can see both completed pages and the pages I have set up for the next several weeks.  When I have a few minutes here and there, I go in and set up more pages.

I hope my little walk-thru of my process was helpful.  While I love traditional scrapbooking with physical products, I really think this is a great option for my Project 52.

Have A Lovely Day!

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