Monday, March 27, 2017

One Little Word ~ March Prompt & Video Layout Share

Welcome to another Monday my crafty friends!  For today's blog post, I'm sharing my March pages for the One Little Word project... AND I have another video!

For the March OLW prompt this month, we made vision boards about our word.  However, before I share my vision boards, I started out with another Pinterest photo on my March divider.

For my word Explore, I am diving into several areas ~ physical {travel}, emotional {me}, relationships {with my husband, my kids & friends}, creativity {my scrapbooking}, and spiritual {faith}.  So I decided to do a vision board page for each of those areas by clipping background papers & words relating to each.

To finish off my pages, I decided to go ahead and add my Actions & Reflections about the March prompts.

And ended with one more photo I found on Pinterest.

And finally, I decided to make a video flipping through my OLW pages
for January thru March so you could see them all together.

Enjoy & have a lovely day!

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