Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Release...Wild Rose with Tutorial

Today is the day for a beautiful new release for Crafter's Companion and Sheena's new Floral Fantasy Collection.  Today I used the Wild Rose set and decided NOT to concentrate on coloring the flowers, but instead I left them white with just a few gray accents for shadows.   This time I really put my shading efforts into the leaves & I'm happy with how they turned out using just three Spectrum Noir Markers.

Here are the color I used ~ Spectrum Noir Markers (CG3, CG4, DG3).  See below for the steps I followed to shade the leaves.

Step 1: Decide where you want the light source to come from ~ mine is from the top left.  So most of the lighter shades will be on the tops of the leaves (unless the leaf goes under the flower).  TIP: Only work on one leaf at a time so the ink stays wet.

Step 2: Use the lightest shade of green (CG3) on the top of the leaf.

Step 3: Color in the rest of the leaf with medium shade of green (CG4).  Don't overlap the CG3 too much.

Step 4: Add the darkest shade of green (DG3) on the bottom of the leaf.

Step 5: Take your medium green (CG4) and go over the darkest part (DG3) so the colors start to blend.

Step 6: Take your lightest color (CG3) and color over the medium green (CG4) so those colors blend.   And here you have a finished leaf.  

NOTE: For some of the leaves that fell under the flowers, I only used the medium and dark greens.

Step 7: I added a medium and darker yellow (CT2, CT4) for the flower centers & a few shadows here and there on the white flowers (IG1).

Step 8: Since I decided that the flowers would remain white, they really need to pop off the page.  Therefore, I used a light blue (IB1) to color the entire background of the card.  Then I added a piece of black cardstock as a mat to the panel so the entire image would pop off the card.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial today ~ for one of my tutorials on coloring flowers, check out THIS blog post.


lisa808 said...

Stunning card! Thanks for the tutorial. I got a few sets of the markers, but haven't tried them yet.

TampaStamper12 said...

This is great card! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice message. If you get a chance I'll be over at the Outlaws on the Thurs. Team now. Take care

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