Saturday, August 13, 2011

Here Come the Marching Minutemen!

My daughter just finished her first month of Marching Band & LOVES IT!  They have put in some very LONG, HOT weeks & now they get to enjoy performing.   Here are some pictures of their very busy week!

Parent Preview Night ~ Marching Minutemen
209 Members
Concord High School

And now for their first parade performance at Cedar Point!

Megan is in the flute section, can you tell?  LOL!

~ Here are some pictures of band camp in July ~

A special treat at the end of week #2 ~ they were there from 8-4 every day in 100* heat.


Debbi said...

These are great pics - and she is a TROOPER for making it through in all this heat!!!!

FibreJunky said...

My daughter has been in band camp this past week. She's joined the colour guard. I remember it from the marching band side from 25 years ago. It was hot, hard work, but so much fun in the end. Some of my best high school memories are from marching band. I hope your daughter enjoys her time as much as I did mine.

Bandon, Oregon said...

What FUN pictures! You've got to be proud. Nice to see School Marching Bands still. We don't have them in our area...

AShu93 said...

They look great! I can remember those long hot days of band camp. I think we marched at Cedar Point too.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Oh wow! Being in band is the best!! I grew up near Cedar Point, but we never performed there. But we did get to go down to FLORIDA for a performance. My son starts the trumpet this year and I'm soooo excited for him. Go band, go!

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