Monday, July 20, 2015

Tutorial with Spectrum Aquas, Acrylic Blocks and Gina K

Today I'm doing a tutorial using my Spectrum Aqua Markers with acrylic blocks... it's all about getting more out of your supplies and mixing things up a bit!

For my cards today, I used one of my favorite Gina K stamp sets called Elegant Florals 2 by Theresa Momber.

Step 1: Gather supplies - stamps, watercolor paper, large acrylic block, white pigment ink, white embossing powder, spray bottle and Spectrum Aqua markers (Aquamarine, Bud Green, Sunflower - Floral and Primary packs).

Step 2: Stamp the image in white pigment ink on Spectrum Noir watercolor paper and heat set with white embossing powder.

Step 3: Using the Aquamarine Spectrum Aqua Marker (Primary Pack), add color to the top of quarter of the acrylic block then spray with several squirts from the water bottle.  Tip the block so the color runs a bit.

Step 4: Turn the block over and "stamp" on the watercolor paper.  Make sure to press all of the areas of the block so the color will transfer.

Step 5: Use a watercolor brush to spread any color that didn't transfer until you get the look you want.  The embossed flower will peek through.

Step 6: Add Sunflower Spectrum Aqua Marker to the acrylic block and repeat step 5.

Step 7: Add Bud Green Spectrum Aqua to the acrylic block and repeat.  This time I turned the watercolor paper around so I would have a nice clean edge on the bottom.

Step 8: Using a watercolor brush, blend and fill in the colors until you have the look you like.

Here's a second card I made using the same basic technique with just a few changes.

Step 1:  Select Spectrum Aqua colors (Sunflower, Gold, Orange, Sunset) and using the brush tip, color each directly on acrylic block.

Step 2: Spray several times with water bottle, flip over and press on to Watercolor paper.  Make sure all of the areas are pressed down.

Step 3: Using a watercolor brush, blend colors until you have the desired look.  Set aside to dry or use a heat tool to speed things up a bit & then stamp images and sentiment.

Here are the finished pieces ready to put on cards.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Stay tuned for more fun Gina K/Spectrum Noir tutorials in the coming weeks.

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Dana Joy said...

Oh Kendra these cards are so pretty. Fantastic instructions as well.


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