Friday, June 19, 2015

Tutorial: The Big Score Folded Purse

Hello, Hello!  For the last HSN show in May, Sara Davies shared several projects for The Big Score by Crafter's Companion.  This is one of the projects I made for the event using a single piece of 12"x 18" double-sided cardstock from the Indulgence Collection.  

{Note: The 12"x 18" double-sided cardstock is currently a HSN exclusive product; however, there is 12"x 20" or 12"x 16" Construction Cardstock available on the Crafter's Companion website that can be used and then decorated with patterned paper}.

Step 1: Trim the cardstock to 12" x 16".

Step 2: Using the long edge of the cardstock against the left side of  The Big Score board, score the cardstock at 4" and 8".  This will divide the cardstock into 3 sections.

Step 3: Flip the cardstock so the short edge is against the left side of The Big Score board. Score at 4" and 8".

Step 4: Flip the cardstock 180 degrees so the opposite short edge is against the left side of The Big Score & score at 4" and 8".  Once this is complete, your cardstock should be divided up into 12 - 4" squares.

Step 5:  Decide which end will be the top of your box (it doesn't really matter).  Trim the outside squares off the cardstock & 1" off the middle square. (see photo above)

Step 6: Place the top flap against the left side of The Big Score & add an additional score mark at 3 3/4".  This will allow the top flap of the box to close when finished.

Step 7: Flip the cardstock over on The Big Score board, and score the lines according to the photo above.  Each of the four corner squares will be scored at a diagonal from the center to the outside corner.

Step 8: Find the center for each of the middle two squares (2") and score those sections into a "V" shape (see photo above).

Step 9: Once everything is scored, fold and carefully burnish the score marks.  Be careful not to damage the scored cardstock edges.

Step 10: Once the purse is properly folded into the correct shape, add strong adhesive to the inside edges so the purse stays in place.

Step 11: Once the purse is secured, add eyelets and ribbon for a handle and decorate the front flap.  I added buttons with string for the front closure; however, you could also use a magnet, ribbon or Velcro to keep the purse closed.

Have fun & thanks for stopping by today!

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