Friday, February 20, 2015

Gina K & Spectrum Noir Tutorial: Coloring Vases

Happy TGIF!  Today I have a tutorial to share using some beautiful Gina K Designs sets and my Spectrum Noir Markers.    We all love coloring flowers, but some of those pretty blooms need a place to be like a vase, a flower pot, or a water pitcher.  All three of those are usually round and that requires a little bit different coloring technique.

The card I made below uses the water pitcher from the Stately Flowers 9 set along with flowers & sentiment from the Vogue Vases 2 stamp set.

Step 1: Stamp the image on cardstock and select the group of markers ~ I used the IG color family of IG1 - IG5.

Step 2: Using the darkest shade (IG5), color one side of the image.

Step 3: Using the next darkest shade (IG4), color the next portion of the image.  Overlap the first color until you get a good blend.

Step 4: Repeat on the opposite side of the image using IG5 and then IG4.  Note: I wasn't very careful with the edges because I knew I was going to cut out my image. 

Step 5: Add IG3 next, on both sides of the image.

Step 6: Fill in the remaining area with IG2.  Keep going over the area with IG2 and IG1 to get a good blend.

Step 7: Use IG5 on the handle.  Then add IG4 and IG3 until you get the blend you like.

Step 8: Add a touch of IG6 to the base of the image.

Step 9: Cut the image out with scissors and/or a craft knife.  Then stamp the flower images on a card panel and pop up the pitcher or vase on the card.

See how simple that is!  If you don't have these shades of gray, substitute with what you have.

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