Sunday, July 12, 2009

In the Doghouse?

Hmmmm.... this card is perfect for my dog ~ notice the name on the doghouse? I used the fun set from Our Craft Lounge called Pat the Dawg House ~ it's such a funny set! I also used some of the fantastic Sparkly Fluff in Brown Sugar.

Here she is ~ my little trouble maker Jazz (aka Jazmine).

Actually, as she has gotten older (4 years old this month), she isn't nearly as naughty as she used to be. She still likes to get into stuff that she shouldn't, but only when we are home and she wants to let us know that she would like attention. She will grab something and then come to me with it just to show me she's around. This is our third Golden & probably the most affectionate of all ~ she gives the best "hugs". We adore our Goldies.

Have a great Sunday!


MichelleY said...

OMW....I laughed out loud when I noticed the name of the dog in the doghouse! LOL! Poor Jazz. She has so much energy. I could use a bit of it. Your card is very cute, too!!

Anonymous said...

OMW My little bundle of trouble is named Jazmine too.. We call her Jazzie, but she could be in this dog house often... don't we love them anyways. She is my snuggle bug. Thanks for sharing... love your work. jennie

i {heart} papers said...

She is ADORABLE!!! Cute card too!

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