Monday, November 9, 2015

Concord Marching Minutemen ~ 2015 Marching Band State CHAMPIONS!!!

Concord Marching Minutemen 
2015 Indiana Class B Marching Band State Champions!

What an AMAZING weekend!!!

Here we are Saturday after the awards! 
Matt (Low Brass/Baritone), Tim (Band Dad/Sound), Me (Lead Band Mom) and
Megan (Concord Grad, Class of 2015/Flute/Drum Major & 2011 State Champion)

So excited that both of my kids have now experienced a State Championship
Pure Joy!

That is a BIG trophy!
Drum Majors and our incredible staff!

Another one of my kids ... couldn't resist 

 Some of the beautiful forms.

The big top!

Matt on the field!

Class of 2015 cheering on their band!  I love and miss all of them!

and praying Concord is the last band on the field!

Winners Drink MILK!

... and that was my weekend!
(Matt is the last one pictured in this short video... it brings tears to this proud mama's eyes)

*Video by Austin Robbins
*photos by Brian Davis & Laura Munkel ~ thank you!


Patti J said...

How exciting for you all!!! I remember and greatly miss those band parent days. Incredibly proud for each of you!!! Thanks for sharing with us :)

Kim S said...

Congratulations!!! Both of my kids are/have been marchers too so I understand the intensity of this "sport"! Our band never quite made it to the top - some years we didn't even make state finals - but it never stopped the kids from putting in LONG days of practice. Marching bands are dedicated and amazing TEAMS. Congrats to your kids for taking the top spot. The pictures are wonderful.

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