Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good Morning from Californina!

Hello from CHA! It's a bit cool and cloudy here. BUT it's not below zero and it's green, so I'm happy! I arrived yesterday and have been having a blast meeting up with good friends. I was able to walk around the CHA floor a little bit yesterday during set up ~ which was a bit dangerous because of all the fork-lifts! The show opens today, so I'm looking forward to seeing lots of new products.

Last night I attended the Splitcoast Stampers Cupcake Reception ~ it was a blast. There were so many old friends to catch up with that I could have stayed and talked all night. I'll try and share some pictures while I'm here, but I have a new Netbook and I'm still figuring out how it works. I'm sitting in the bathroom typing because my roommate is still alseep :).

I'll check in when I have new product info to share! Happy Day!


CreativeMish said...

Yeah! I'm excited to see what is new!

MichelleY said...

Hi Kendra...give everyone a hug for me! Hey....did you hear? Miss Indiana won the Miss America pageant last night! The first time someone from Indiana has won. I thought it was cool. Have fun at CHA. I'll check back to see your pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kendra!
You look great in the SCS Cupcake video! So glad you're having fun! I'm sorry Jessica missed meeting you ... maybe through the week. Looking forward to pics of the new goodies to come!

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