Thursday, June 28, 2018

Project 52 ~ Week #25

Hello Friends!  Today I'm sharing my Week #25 page using the Project Life App. For this page, I used the Currently Kit in the App and added text to the cards using the new Free Form Text (FFT) feature. You get so much more out of the App now that this feature is now available.  On the title card, I added the "Week #25" to the sheet of paper in the typewriter using FFT. Also, for the Notes from Today & On the Bright Side cards, all of the text was added using FFT.  How awesome is that???

Have a Fantastic Day!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Project 52 ~ Week #24

Hey There Friends! Today I'm sharing my latest Project 52 page using the Project Life App. For my page, I used the Project 12 - June & May kits & overlays as well as the Make A Wish kit (which is free). 

Have a Wonderful Day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Project 52 ~ Week #21, #22, #23

Hello Friends!  I've been absent for several weeks & when you have a peek at the photos below, I'm sure you'll understand why... senior year, 2 graduations, lots of school year-end activities!  

Thank goodness for the Project Life App so I can keep up with my one page per week!  I used several of the Project 12 monthly kits & overlays (mostly May & June) for the pages below.

Now that graduation, band and the parties are finished, I'm really going to try and get some physical pages done as well. Time to start a new project!

Have a Wonderful Day!
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