Monday, December 29, 2008

Volleyball Anyone?

My daughter would be the first one to raise her hand to that question! She loves it! So much, in fact, that for her birthday party today, it's all about Volleyball! Yes, her birthday was earlier this month; however, she took pity on us and said that she would wait to have her party during the Christmas vacation. Thank Goodness!

Last week, I realized that with the holiday craziness, I had forgotten to make her invitations. Thankfully, I came up with this invitation in about 20 minutes on the computer. I colored the volleyball on the front, added the trail marks and shadow with my Copic markers & the computer/printer did the rest. Woohooo ~ easy peasy!

Later today, I'll try and come back and post a few pictures of the party!


Carol said...

That sounds like a really fun party! And what a great tween you have to give up presents inorder to help others/animals in need. I hope she had a great birthday!

whoistracy said...

What a great idea for a party! Hubby and I play v-ball 2-3 times a week. I would LOVE something like this. I hope your daughter and her friends have a blast!

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