Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The ALASKA Project... Zipline Adventure!

Oh goodness!  I looked back and it's been since February since I posted any of my Alaska pages!  I was able to finish up this book this winter and I'm so happy with how it turned out.   Note: I apologize in advance for some of the poorly lined up photos... at this point I just needed to get them done!  LOL!

First up is one of our favorite dinners we had on the ship {or any other trip for that matter}.  The ship has a specialty restaurant called Samba Grill and it is a Brazilian steakhouse.  It was a BLAST and the food was outstanding!

Next up was our day in Hoonah, Alaska ~ Icy Strait Point.  We went on the world's longest zipline and it was THE BEST!  Tim and I had done this before on our last Alaskan Adventure; however, Megan was sick and Matt was too little to go.  So on this trip, there was no doubt that all of us were going on the ZipRider!

For the journing block below, I printed off information about the port and zipline from the internet to add to my page.  I love including information about the places we've been, even if it wasn't something I learned while we were there.  It's a great way to add journaling to your pages and it's so easy!

That night the kids posed for some photos for the ship photographers.  I just added the 8x10 photos to cardstock and a few simple embellishments/stamping and put them inside 8.5x11 page protectors in my 3-Ring binder album.  It's great to be able to add different size pages to the 3-Ring binders.

So that's it for today... tomorrow I will have the final pages and that will be the end of the posts for this trip!  Oh but don't worry... I have TONS more to scrapbook!  It will NEVER end!

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Danni said...

These are all fabulous!

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