Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The ALASKA Project... THE END!

Ahhhh.... Ketchikan, Alaska... One of our very favorite spots!   This trip was amazing and every single day was so special ~ but this day {and Juneau} were two of the best.  Our little family of 4 did a Zodiac Boat Tour where we had our own little boat and followed a guide.  WHAT A BLAST!!!  Tim actually captured this photo of the bald eagle catching a fish!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!  Now our guide did tell us to watch for it & threw the fish... but Tim did capture it, so it was still pretty impressive!

Like all of the other ports, I included basic facts about Ketchikan for my book.

Tim caught some MAJOR waves as we came closer to the dock... Meg was in pain for a few days!  We drove right past our ship... boy, did we look tiny!

We sailed the Inside Passage on the last day of our trip.  It was beautiful and a fun day to just enjoy the ship and our extended family.

Well that's it for my Alaska Project!  Up next, our cruise to Rome/Turkey/Greece; a few RV trips to the Smokey Mountains & the Outer Banks; and a Spring Break cruise to the Western Caribbean.  Not to mention 3 years of Marching Band pictures.  I can't even continue listing everything I still need to scrapbook ~ it's just too overwhelming!

I hope you enjoyed my Alaska Project... and now I can say THE END {of this project anyway}.

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