Friday, February 8, 2019

Project 52 ~ Week #4 & #5

Hello Friends!  Well... it's been a rough couple weeks. After 10 days away from home, my husband came home to find me on crutches! We had some horrible ice on Tuesday and Wednesday, but by the afternoon it was starting to clear up. I thought it was pretty much gone, so I bundled up and went out to shovel up some of the slush. Sadly, the ice wasn't gone & I slipped and fell hard on my left hip. It totally caught me by surprised. I went to the doctor the next day & found that I broke my femur bone up at the top of my hip. So they sent me directly to the hospital and I had surgery to put 3 large screws to help me heal. And now I wait to heal... no weight on it for 6 weeks! UGH... it really sucks!

So here are my Project Life App pages for week #4 & $5 using the January 2019 Project 12 kit.  Enjoy! 

Have A Great Weekend!

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