Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gina K & Spectrum Aqua Tutorial

Hi There Friends!  Today I have a new Gina K tutorial using the Fine Feathers stamp set and Spectrum Aqua Markers.  

Step 1: Select a color palette from the Spectrum Aqua Markers ~ Scarlet, Sunset, Orange (not shown here), Olive, and Tan.

Step 2: Begin at the top of the feather and add Scarlet ink directly from the marker to the stamp.

Step 3: Next add Sunset from the marker to the stamp and then add Orange.  Carefully blend each color just a little bit with the previous color that was added.

Step 4: Next add Olive ink to the stamp, slightly blending with the orange.  TIP: Before you replace the cap to the marker, scribble your marker on scratch paper to remove any other colored ink on the tip.

Step 5: Add Tan ink from the marker to the stamp.

Step 6: Spray a piece of precut watercolor paper and stamp the image.

Here's a close up of the stamped image.

Wasn't that easy peasy??  Just use water based markers for this technique... don't use alcohol ink markers because they won't stamp on your paper and will just stain your stamps ~ they dry too quickly.

1 comment:

Silke Ledlow said...

Kendra, this is gorgeous...love the tutorial too!

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