Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gina K Announcement!

Hi Friends!  I have a fun announcement to make today.  Gina K Designs has started to carry the fabulous Spectrum Noir Markers and Blendable Colored Pencils.  Isn't that exciting?!?!  Well, there is one other piece of news to share that goes along with that.... Gina has invited me to be part of her team and would like me to provide a few tutorials each month on Stamp TV showing everyone how to use these wonderful markers & blendable pencils along with her gorgeous stamps!  Pretty SWEET deal, wouldn't you say?

So let's get the ball rolling with the lovely new Stamp TV Kit called Here Comes the Sun.   

So let's get started with a step-by-step on how I colored my flowers!

1) First I stamped the large line-drawn flower with black ink.

2) Next I selected several shades of yellow/gold and peach tones to match the pattern paper I wanted to use.  I decided on GB1, GB3 and CR1 for my flower.

Note: Each marker has a bullet tip and a chisel tip and the color numbers are listed on the end of each cap.  Also, you can replace the chisel tips with brush nibs on this generation of markers.

3) Next I took the GB1 marker and colored the entire flower, except for the center dots.
            ** Note: GB = Gold/Brown & 1 is the lightest shade in that color family, 3 is a bit darker.

4) Once the flower was covered with GB1, I used GB3 and added just a bit of gold to the tips of each flower petal.

            ** Note: Work in small sections so the ink stays wet and will blend better.

5) Then I added GB1 again to blend the darker tips of the flower petals.

6) I added a touch of CR1 (Coral/Red), to the middle of each petal and then went over the entire petal again with GB1 to blend everything together.

           ** Continue working in small sections repeating the steps above.

7) Next, I added CR1, CR7, and CR11 to the dots in the middle of the flower.

8) Now it's time to add some highlights with the Spectrum Noir Blendable Colored Pencils.  I added a dark gold pencil (020) to the bottom of each petal (closest to the center) and then added the coral red pencil (024) to the outside edge of each petal.  I used a light touch when adding the coral red so it wouldn't be too dark.

9) Next I stamped the leaves from the stamp set in light green ink and added highlights with 3 different shades of green pencils (056, 057, 058).

10) I knew I wanted to use this beautiful pattern paper; however, once I added my white panel on top, it was a bit more white than I wanted.  Therefore, I decided to change the background color to match the flower I colored with the chisel tip of my GB1 marker.  

I love the contrast from the background to the white lattice embossing.

11) I added my flower and leaves and then some clear gems that I colored with my OR3 Spectrum Noir marker (Orange/Red).

Here's a close up of the flower so you can see the different colors I added.

I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial for Gina K Designs.  I'll have another one in the coming weeks.


Juliana said...

I love the HOT colors (and coloring) on this!!!
Thanks for the step by step!!

Great card, Kendra!

Kendra Hernandez said...

I use the pens and they are great! Love the card!

wendyp said...

Beautiful card and fabulous tutorial! Congrats Kendra!!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Kendra!!! Love your card too!

Angie K. said...

Gorgeous card! Congrats!!!

Tracey said...

That's awesome news Kendra!! Congratulations!! Beautiful card!!

Debbie Corbari said...

YAY! I LOVE this card Kendra and loved your tutorial too! I am sooooooooo excited to get my hands on those markers (and pencils!).....and get inky!

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